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NONSTP2 Various - Shaving Kit Music

cd NONSTP2 (1996): Scheer: Shéa [CAD6006], Scheer: Wish You Were Dead [CAD6006], Scheer: Screaming [CAD6006], Scheer: Babysize, Mojave3: Love Songs on the Radio [CAD5013], Mojave3: After All [CAD5013], Mojave3: Mercy [CAD5013], Mojave3: Tomorrow's Taken [CAD5013], Lush: Lady Killers [CAD6004], Lush: Ciao! [CAD6004], Lush: I've Been Here Before [CAD6004], Lush: Olympian

Promo release by 4AD/Warner in the US (PRO-CD-8165-R).

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