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NONHNIA7 His Name Is Alive - King of Sweet

cd NONHNIA7 (1993): Take A Look Around You [Re (*Why People Disappear*) CAD1013], A Bird In Evry Tree, This Weekend, Drive The Dreamy Demon Down, Lake (Theme For Sweet Hearts), Blissfield (Sweet Corn), Bears (King Of Sweet), Ode On A Dave Asman [NONHNIA3], A Dave In The Life, Honey Babe, My Blue-Eyed Babe, The Shepherds Flute Is Always Playing, Are You Coming Down This Weekend? [NONHNIA3], Soul Resides In The Horse Barn [JAD7009CD], Driftin Blues, Meet Me By Moonlight, Alone

Released by Perdition Plastic, limited to 2000 copies. Various recordings from the four self-released tapes. The cd says that tracks 1-3, 5-9 are from the cassette «Hecklebuck 7a 7b» (91), 10-12 from «Love Can't Buy Happiness» (90), 13-15 from «Blissfield, Mouth» (92) and 4 from «New Stars, New Tongue» (92).

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