Cover scan: HisNameIsAlive.SingsManOnTheSilverMountainAnd8OtherSongs.postcard.jpg Cover scan: HisNameIsAlive.SingsManOnTheSilverMountainAnd8OtherSongs.cdsingle.jpg

NONHNIA5 His Name Is Alive - Sings Man On The Silver Mountain And 8 Other Songs

cd5 NONHNIA5 (1992): Man on the Silver Mountain [CAD9002CD], How Ghosts Affect Relationships [CAD0008], Why People Disappear [CAD1013], As We Could Ever [CAD0008], Sitting Still Moving Still Staring Outlooking [CAD1013], Are We Still Married? [BAD2005], If July [CAD0008], Her Eyes Were Huge Things [CAD1013], The Dirt Eaters [CAD9002CD]

Promo disc from Rykodisc with 9 tracks taken from «Livonia» and «The Dirt Eaters» and «Home Is In Your Head».

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