Cover scan: HisNameIsAlive.Livonia.poster.jpg Cover scan: HisNameIsAlive.Livonia.CAD0008CD.jpg

0008 His Name Is Alive - Livonia

lp cas cd CAD0008, CADC0008, CAD0008CD (1990): As We Could Ever, e-nicolle, If July, Some and I, fossil, E-Nicolle, Caroline's Supposed Demon, Fossil, reincarnation, You And I Have Seizures, How Ghosts Affect Relationships, Darkest Dreams

blank 0008 (poster) (1990)

His Name Is Alive are Warren Defever, Karin Oliver and Angie Carozzo. Featuring Damian Lang, Jymn Auge and Tracy. Mixed by Ivo (This Mortal Coil) and John Fryer. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Beverley Carruthers and Christopher Bigg. They have released several cassettes in the US. The original mixes of this album is available on cassette from Warren.

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