Cover scan: GusGus.Polyesterday.GUS2.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Polydistortion.GUS2.jpg

GUS 2 Gus Gus - Polydistortion

12ep GUS 2 (12") (1996): Polydistortion [BAD6013], Polyesterday [DAD7005CD], Cold Breath '79 (Hüsmix) [R DAD7005CD]

cd5 GUS 2 (cdsingle) (1996): Polyesterday [DAD7005CD], Cold Breath '79 (Crystalized) [BAD6013CD], Polyesterday (Late) [BAD6013CD], Polydistortion [BAD6013]

Promo release. The cdsingle comes in a miniature card sleeve, and is just BAD 6013 CD with different packaging.

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