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GU5 Spoonfed Hybrid - Spoonfed Hybrid

lp cas cd GU5LP, GU5C, GU5CD (1993): Heaven's Knot, Naturally Occurring Anchors, Tiny Planes, Stolen Clothes, Lynched, 1936, Getting Not to Know, Somehow Some Other Life, A Pocketful of Dust, Ecnalubma, Boys in Zinc

Spoonfed Hybrid are Ian Masters (Pale Saints) and Chris Trout (AC Temple). The LP included a 7" single. Coproduced by Duncan Wheat. Engineered by Iain McKinna and Duncan Wheat. Recorded at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh and Neptune, Sheffield. Sleeve by the Senate and Simon Cleave. Featuring Iain McKinna, Duncan Wheat and Ross Orton. Released in Japan including GU5S. Spoonfed Hybrid have yet to sign with any other label, but they released a limited 7" single on the French label Le Tatou Colerique in '95 and a cdsingle called "Hibernation Shock" on Farrago in the US in 1996. Contact Spoonfed Hybrid at

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