Cover scan: GusGus.Starlovers.BADD9004CD.jpg Cover scan: GusGus.Starlovers.BAD9004CD.jpg

9004 Gus Gus - Starlovers

12ep BAD9004 (1999): Starlovers (edit) [R CADD9006], Starlovers (Red Snapper Mix) [R CADD9006], Starlovers (Dirty Bix Mix) [R CADD9006]

cd5 BAD9004CD (1999): Starlovers (edit) [BAD9004], Starlovers (Red Snapper Mix) [BAD9004], Starlovers (Freddy Fresh Main Mix) [R CADD9006]

cd5 BADD9004CD (1999): Starlovers (edit) [BAD9004], Starlovers (House of 909 Mix) [R CADD9006], Starlovers (Megatron Man Got Together 97 Mix) [R CADD9006]

Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver and Chris Bigg.

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