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7002 Gus Gus - Believe

12ep BAD7002 (1997): Believe (LFO Remix) [R DAD7005CD], Pagus (Believe) [R (*Believe*) NONGUS1], Believe [DAD7005CD], Ghetto Belief

cd5 BAD7002CD (1997): Believe [DAD7005CD], Oh [CAD0006], Cold Breath '79 (Craze) [GUS1], Ghetto Belief [BAD7002]

cd5 BADD7002CD (1997): Believe (16B Remix) [GUS3], Believe (LFO Remix) [BAD7002], Believe [DAD7005CD], Believe (Biggomix) [GUS3], Believe (Premix) [R DAD7005CD]

cd BADDP7002CD (1997): Believe (16B Edit) [R DAD7005CD]

Coproduced by Páll Borg. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg and Eva Mueller. BAD DP 7002 CD is a promo release, released in a slim jewel case without any artwork. «Believe» remixed by Mark Bell (LFO). «Believe» remixed by Omid Nuorizadeh. «Believe» remixed by Mark Bell (LFO).

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