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6010 His Name Is Alive - Stars On ESP

lp cas cd CAD6010, CADC6010, CAD6010CD (June 1996): Dub Love Letter, This World is not My Home, Bad Luck Girl, What Are You Wearing Tomorrow, The Bees, What Else Is New List, Wall of Speed, Universal Frequencies, The Sand That Holds the Lakes in Place, I Can't Live in this World Anymore, Answer to Rainbow at Midnight, Famous Goodbye King, Across The Street, Movie, Last One

Recorded on Time STEREO 1992-1995. Produced by Warren Defever. Written by His Name Is Alive, Matthew Smith, Erika Hoffman, Mark Kozelek, Ian Masters, Denise James, and The ESP-Beetles except "Last One". Recorded at Warren's House. CAD 6010 is a mono remix of the album. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Timothy O'Donnell, Dominic Davies and Howard Hall / Oxford Scientific Films. «The Bees» cowritten by Erika Hoffman. «Universal Frequencies» cowritten by Matthew Smith. «The Sand That Holds the Lakes in Place» cowritten by Matthew Smith. «Across The Street» cowritten by Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters). «Movie» written by Trey Many.

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