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514 The Wolfgang Press - The Legendary Wolfgang Press And Other Tall Stories

lp CAD514 (1985): Heart Of Stone, I'm Coming Home (Mama), Sweatbox (version two), Tremble (My Girl Doesn't), My Way, Fire Eater (version two), Respect, Deserve, Ecstacy

cd CAD514CD (1985): BAD409, Heart Of Stone [CAD514], I'm Coming Home (Mama) [CAD514], Muted, Sweatbox (version two) [CAD514], Tremble (My Girl Doesn't) [CAD514], My Way [CAD514], Fire Eater (version two) [CAD514]

In short, CAD514CD contains BAD409, BAD502 and BAD506 except that the tracks «Sweatbox» and «Fire Eater» were remixed. CAD514 has the same material as CAD514CD except that it lacks «Muted» and «The Deep Briney» and the track «Respect» is shortened. Sleeve by 23 Envelope, The Wolfgang Press, Albert Ricci and Jeff Veitch. «Sweatbox» coremixed by Martyn Young (Colourbox). «Sweatbox» engineered by John Fryer. «Fire Eater» coremixed by Martyn Young (Colourbox). «Fire Eater» engineered by John Madden.

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