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5017 Kristin Hersh - The Holy Single

cd TAD5017CD (December 4 1995): Jesus Christ, Amazing Grace, Sinkhole, Can The Circle Be Unbroken

Limited release. Also released by Rykodisc in the US. Engineered by Steve Rizzo. Sleeve by David Narcizo (Lakuna) and Mary Ann Southard. The words "glue this" can be read through the center hole of the CD case on the US release. If you should feel the urge to pry the case apart to read the entire message -- you shouldn't. That important message reads: «Plastic Tray Glues Here. No Ink On This Panel.» Whee! «Jesus Christ» written by Alex Chilton (Big Star). «Amazing Grace» written by Traditional. «Amazing Grace» arranged by Kristin Hersh. «Sinkhole» written by W. J. Hersh. «Can The Circle Be Unbroken» written by Traditional. «Can The Circle Be Unbroken» arranged by A. P. Carter.

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