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5010 Tarnation - Gentle Creatures

lp cd CAD5010, CAD5010CD (1995): Game of Broken Hearts, Halfaway to Madness, The Well, Big O Motel, Tell Me It's Not So, Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right, Lonely Lights, Gentle Creatures, Listen To The Wind, The Hand, Do You Fancy Me, Yellow Birds, Burn Again, Stranger in the Mirror, It's Not Easy

Tarnation are Lincoln Allen, Michelle Cernuto, Paula Frazer and Matt Wendell Sullivan. Write to P. O. Box 410772, San Francisco, CA 94141-0772. Written by Paula Frazer. Produced by Joshua Heller, Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) and Wally Sound. Engineered by Myles Boisen. Recorded at Guerilla Euphonics, Oakland, CA, Warren's House, Livonia, MI and Wally Sound, San Francisco. Featuring Carla Fabrizio. «Burn Again» written by Michelle Cernuto. «Stranger in the Mirror» written by Lincoln Allen.

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