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5009 Lisa Gerrard - The Mirror Pool

cas cd CADC5009, CAD5009CD (Aug 22 1995): Violina (The Last Embrace, La Bas (Song of the Damned), Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun) [R DAD4015], Sanvean (I am your Shadow) [Re DAD4015], The Rite, Ajhon, Glorafin, Majhnavea's Music Box, Largo, Werd, Laurelei, Celon, Venteles, Swans, Nilleshna, Gloradin

blank 5009 (flyer) (1995)

Produced by Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance). Arranged by John Bonnar. Conducted by John Bonnar. Mixed by Guy Charbonneau and Charlie Bouis. Featuring Victorian Philharmonic Orchestra, Dimitry Kyryakou, Pieter Bourke (Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke), John Bonnar and Jacek Tuschewski. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, Jacek Tuschewski and Dennis Keeley. «Persian Love Song (The Silver Gun)» written by unknown; from Shiraz, southern Iran. «Sanvean» cowritten by Andrew Claxton. «Largo» written by Händel.

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