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4012 The Breeders - Head to Toe

10 BADD4012 (Jul 11 1994): Head to Toe, Shocker in Gloomtown, Freed Pig, Saints [45789 (cd)]

Limited 10" single. «Saints» is not listed on the sleeve. All tracks recorded March 4 '94 at Dreamland, Kingston with J. Mascis except «Head to Toe», recorded March 21 '94 at Cro Magnon, Dayton. Engineered by John Agneus and John Shough. Write to Breeders Digest, P. O. Box 5090, Hoboken NJ 07030. Sleeve by Josephine Wiggs (The Perfect Disaster) and Maria Piñeres. Also released by Elektra in the US on 7"/10" opaque mint green vinyl and clear dark green vinyl (64533-7). «Head to Toe» written by Josephine Wiggs (The Perfect Disaster) and D. Senechal. «Head to Toe» arranged by K. Schenerbach. «Shocker in Gloomtown» written by R. Pollard (Guided by Voices). «Freed Pig» written by Lou Barlow (Sebadoh). «Freed Pig» originally appeared on «Sebadoh III»

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