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4010 Lush - Desire Lines

7 AD4010 (May 30 1994): Desire Lines (7:29) [CAD4011], Girl's World (4:56)

12ep cd5 BADD4010, BAD4010CD (May 30 1994): Desire Lines (7:29) [CAD4011], White Wood (4:14), Girl's World (4:56) [AD4010], Lovelife (Suga Bullit remix) (8:15) [R CAD4011]

Track 1, 2 & 4 by Anderson; 2 by Anderson/Berenyi. Coproduced by Mike Hedges. Mixed by Alan Moulder. Arranged by Martin McCarrick (Siouxie and the Banshees) and Audrey Riley. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Richard Caldicott and Melodie McDaniel. The run-out grooves read AD «back to the draining board» «two bars on and vim under the sink». The run-out grooves read BAD «I've seen a belly flop» «and a record shop». «Lovelife» remixed by Suga-D and Co-Co-T.

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