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4007 Frank Black - Headache

7 AD4007 (1994): Headache [DAD4009], Headache (n.y.c. version) [R DAD4009]

12ep 10 cd5 BAD4007, BADD4007, BAD4007CD (1994): Headache [DAD4009], Men in Black, At the End of the World, Oddball

cd5 BADD4007CD (1994): Headache [DAD4009], Hate Me, This is Where I Belong, Amnesia

Produced by John Tiven. Engineered by Jimmy Douglass and Joe Johnson. Recorded at Studio 900, New York City. Featuring Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu), Nick Vincent, Lyle Workman, John Tiven and Sally Tiven. Sleeve by v23 and Michael Halsband. «Headache» coproduced by Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu). «Headache» engineered by Efren Herrera, Bill Cooper, David Bianco, Frank Gryner, Matt Westfield and John Jackson. «Headache» recorded at The Clubhouse, Burbank, California, American, Calabasas, California and Can-Am, Los Angeles, California. «Headache» mixed by David Bianco. «This is Where I Belong» written by Ray Davies.

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