Cover scan: Cover scan: CocteauTwins.HeadOverHeels.lp.jpg

313 Cocteau Twins - Head over Heels

lp CAD313 (1983): When Mama Was Moth, Five Ten Fiftyfold, Sugar Hiccup, In Our Angelhood, Glass Candle Grenades, In The Gold Dust Rush, The Tinderbox (Of A Heart), Multifoiled, My Love Parmour, Musette And Drums

cas cd CADC313, CAD313CD (1983): CAD313, BAD314CD

Exit Will Heggie. Will Heggie later appeared in Lowlife on Nightshift Records. Featuring Ally. Coproduced by John Fryer. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. The sleeves of CAD313 and CAD313CD are quite different.

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