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310 This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren

7 AD310 (1983): Song To The Siren (3:30) [CAD411], Sixteen Days Reprise (4:11) [R (*Sixteen Days*) CAD105]

This Mortal Coil are Ivo and John Fryer. «Song To The Siren» sampled on Messiah's «Temple Of Dreams». «Sixteen Days Reprise» written by Modern English.

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310 This Mortal Coil - Sixteen Days - Gathering Dust

12ep BAD310 (1983): AD310, Sixteen Days - Gathering Dust (9:00) [R (*Sixteen Days*) CAD105]

«Sixteen Days - Gathering Dust» is a combination of the the Modern English tracks. Featuring Michael Conroy (Modern English), Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins), Gary McDowell (Modern English), Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) and Martyn Young (Colourbox). Sleeve by 23 Envelope. Recorded at Blackwing. «Sixteen Days - Gathering Dust» written by Modern English.

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