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3004 Frank Black - Frank Black

lp cas cd lp CAD3004, CADC3004, CAD3004CD, CADD3004 (1993): Los Angeles, I Heard Ramona Sing, Hang on to Your Ego, Fu Manchu, Places Named After Numbers, Czar, Old Black Dawning, Ten Percenter, Brackish Boy, Two Spaces, Tossed (Instumental version), Parry the Wind High, Low, Adda Lee, Every Time I Go Around Here, Don't Ya Rile Them

blank 3004 (postcard) (1993)

blank 3004 (stuff) (1993)

The solo album from Pixie Black Francis. Featuring Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu), Nick Vincent, Joey Santiago (Pixies), Morris Tepper, David Sardy, Bob Giusti, John Linnell and Kurt Hoffman. Coproduced by Eric Drew Feldman (Pere Ubu). Mixed by Al Clay. Engineered by Efren Herrera, Sean Leonard and Matt Packuko. Recorded at Clubhouse, Burbank, California, Planet, Sausalito and Master Control, Burbank. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Simon Larbalestier and Michael Halsband. CADD3004 is a limited edition LP released through the Chain With No Name. It has a special four colour silk-screened carboard envelope sleeve. «Hang on to Your Ego» written by Brian Wilson.

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