2020 v23 - Anatomy Calendar 1993

blank 2020 (1992)

n. 1. The science concerned with the physical structure of animals and plants. 2. A body of work upon this subject. A treatise, a book, a calendar. 3. A fiction by division being monthly, an abundant carcass. 4. Thirteen portions / components speaking separately: «the anatomy of 1993 / time». 5. Meaning being herein set apart. [from Obscuria anatome, to separate]. Definition, Toby Ingham. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Chris Bigg, Paul McMenamin, Simon Larbalestier, Dominic Davies, Shinro Ohtake, Jim Friedman, Kevin Westenberg, Tamar Cohen, David Slatoff, Beverley Carruthers, Russell Mills, Terry Dowling and Alexandra Murray. The calendar is as puzzling as you would expect. It comes in a yellow cardboard box and is very large.

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