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2018 Belly - Gepetto

7 AD2018 (Nov 9 1992): Gepetto [CAD3002], Sexy S

12ep cd5 BAD2018, BAD2018CD (Nov 9 1992): AD2018, Hot Burrito #1, Sweet Ride

cassingle cd5 BADC2018, BADD2018CD (1993): Gepetto [R CAD3002], It's Not Unusual, Star (demo) [R CAD3002], Dusted (demo) [R CAD3002]

12ep cd5 BAD2018, BAD2018CD (1993): Gepetto [BADC2018], Hot Burrito #1 [BAD2018], Sexy S [AD2018], Sweet Ride [BAD2018]

The first 2000 copies of the 7" has two postcards included. There are six different postcards. «Hot Burrito #1» is called «Hot Burrito #2» on the original «Gepetto» ep, but this was corrected on subsequent releases. Produced by Gil Norton, Lou Giordano and Tim O'Hair. Engineered by Dave Buchanan. Recorded at Amazon Studios, Liverpool and Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA. Featuring Juliana Hatfield and Dylan Roy. Sleeve by Chris Bigg and Chris Gorman. Release history for this baby: First the original «Gepetto» was released in November 1992 with a white sleeve. After the album «Star» had been released, a limited edition with a remix of «Gepetto» was released in April 1993. Two weeks after, this BADD2018 was deleted, and a new ep called «Gepetto (remix)» was released bearing the same ident as the original «Gepetto»: BAD2018, but this one was released in a black sleeve. «Hot Burrito #1» written by Gram Parsons and Chris Ethridge. «Gepetto» remixed by Howard Gray. «It's Not Unusual» written by Mills and Reed. «It's Not Unusual» featuring Leslie Langston (Throwing Muses). «Star» recorded by Jo Harvard. «Dusted» recorded by Jo Harvard.

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