Cover scan: TheBirthdayParty.Hits.lp.jpg

2016 The Birthday Party - Hits

lp cas cd DAD2016, DADC2016, DAD2016CD (Sep 28 1992): The Friend Catcher [AD12], Happy Birthday [AD114], Mr. Clarinet [AD114], Nick the Stripper [CAD104], Zoo Music Girl [CAD104], King Ink [CAD104], Release the Bats [AD111], Blast Off [AD111], She's Hit [CAD207], 6" Gold Blade [CAD207], Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow) [CAD207], Dead Joe [CAD207], Junkyard [CAD207], Big-Jesus-Trash-Can [CAD207], Wild World [BAD301], Sonny's Burning [BAD301], Deep in the Woods [BAD301], Swampland [NONBP1], Jennifer's Veil [NONBP1], Mutiny in Heaven [NONBP1]

The US version will have one track less because Brit CD manufacturers will guarantee the disc for 78min of play time, and WB will only guarantee 74.

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