Cover scan: TheBirthdayParty.PrayersOnFire.lp.jpg

104 The Birthday Party - Prayers On Fire

lp CAD104 (1981): Zoo-Music Girl, Cry, Capers, Nick The Stripper, Ho-Ho, Figure Of Fun, King Ink, A Dead Song, Yard, Dull Day, Just You And Me

cd CAD104CD (1981): CAD104, Blunder Town, Kathy's Kisses

The last two tracks on the CD are from the Australian Nick The Stripper single. Engineered by Tony Cohen. Sleeve by Jenny, Poly and Evan. «Capers» cowritten by Genevieve McGuckin. «Ho-Ho» cowritten by Genevieve McGuckin. «A Dead Song» cowritten by Anita Lane.

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