Snake Eyes #3

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
Published: 1993
Format: B&W with 8 color pages, 110 pages, 21x27 cm, squarebound
ISBN: 1-56097-125-8

Out of print

Other artists featured includes Mark Beyer, Mark Newgarden, Krystine Kryttre, Bob Sikoryak, Penny Van Horn, Gary Panter, Kaz, Jim Woodring, David Mazzucchelli, and Justin Green

Cover copyright © Mark Newgarden

Quimby Mouse

Perhaps Ware's most heart-rendering work, this magnificent four page strips deals with the narrator's grandmother's death.

Over large images of trees (and one giant Ware super hero) float a great many small panels -- some connected by arrows, but most reading in the normal left-to-right fashion. No people are depicted -- just furniture, objects, buildings and rooms. The result is a strip of great loss, of sorrow, but it's also a very humanizing depiction of the grandmother. Without descending into bathos or melodramatics, but by pulling back, Ware is able to talk about death in a way that is supremely affecting.

Below all four pages is a funny «Quimby Mouse» strip that, when contrasted with the main strip (and it is a continuation of sorts), gives the whole experience even greater emotional depth.

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