The Warehouse

The Acme Novelty Warehouse is by no means an official Chris Ware web site. It was created to provide Ware enthusiasts a convenient resource for going out hunting odd Ware pieces, and to introduce possible new readers to the wonderful world of ACME.

All text (unless otherwise noted) was written by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen, and the stupid opinions stated here are all his. If you disagree with anything (and who wouldn't), it might be nice if you could write something up and submit it to me. I'll put it on the appropriate page. HTML preferred, but nicely formatted normal text is also OK -- I can't HTMLize it for you.

Some of my assessments may seem unduly harsh. For instance, I jump all over The ACME Novelty Library No. 3. This doesn't mean that I actually don't find the work in question worthwhile, but only that compared to Ware's other magnificent work, I think it falls short. Compared to most other comics, even ANL3 is rather good, and you should send all your money to Fantagraphics Books and buy it all.

All the images on this site were scanned by me, except the sleeves to Narrative Corpse and Overstreet Fan, which are scans I found on the Web.

The Acme Novelty Warehouse.