Snake Eyes #1

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books
Published: 1991
Format: B&W, 84 pages, 21x27 cm, squarebound
ISBN: 1-56097-058-8
Out of print

Other artists featured includes David Mazzucchelli, Kaz, Mark Beyer, Bob Sikoryak, Mark Newgarden, Julie Doucet, and Krystine Kryttre

Cover copyright © Kaz

Clyde the Rat / Quimby the Mouse

Over two pages, Ware does five short strips. The longest one, «Clive the Rat» shows our hero at school, dreading giving a speech in class, and generally having a bad day. It's hilarious. Next is a «Quimby the Mouse» about simple pleasures, followed by a new «Quimby the Mouse» about returning to where he lived as a child and being locked out (shown to the right). The fourth strip is a super duper team up between Quimby and that potato guy, while the fifth is the potato guy doing facial expressions. I can't make out what that's supposed to be about.

The two pages give the feel of someone rummaging through his sketch book for printable work, but it's quite enjoyable.

The Acme Novelty Warehouse.