HNIA7 His Name Is Alive - Write My Name In The Groove

12ep HNIA7 (2001): Write My Name In The Groove (Tony Olivierra Remix) (05:14) [R CAD2101CD], Happy Blues (Recloose Remix) (06:22) [R CAD2101CD], Someday My Blues Will Shatter Your Earth (Ectomorph Electric Storm Version) (05:58)

Promo release.

2009 Piano Magic - Writers Without Homes

cd CAD2009CD (2002): (Music Won't Save You From Anything But) Silence (06:40), Postal (03:08), Modern Jupiter (04:41), 1.30 (01:33), The Season is Long (08:44), Certainty (03:13), Crown of the Lost (04:15), It's The Same Dream That Lasts All Night (00:56), Dutch Housing (03:15), Already Ghosts (04:49), Shot Through the Fog (10:48)

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