116 Dif Juz - Vibrating Air

12ep BAD116 (1981): Gunet [R CAD505CD], Heset [R MAD612], Diselt [R MAD612], Soarn [R CAD505CD]

Featuring Hollis Chambers and Scott Rodger.

602 Cocteau Twins - Victorialand

lp cas cd CAD602, CADC602, CAD602CD (1986): Lazy Calm, Fluffy Tufts, Throughout The Dark Months of April And May, Whales Tails, Oomingmak, Little Spacey, Feet-like Fins, How To Bring A Blush To The Snow, The Thinner The Air

Featuring Richard Thomas (Dif Juz). Sleeve by 23 Envelope. This is a Elizabeth Fraser/Robin Guthrie release.

NONMM4 Various - Vinyl Conflict

7 NONMM4 (1986) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Orange Appled [BAD610CD]

Released by Melody Maker (CONFLICT 2).

NONVM1 Various - Vinyl Magazine

7 NONVM1 (Jan 1983) (excerpt): Cocteau Twins: Speak No Evil [CADC211]

Included with the Dutch «Vinyl Magazine» #21 (SHOL-3353).

9017 Gus Gus - VIP

12ep BAD9017 (Aug 23 1999): VIP (Francois K Dub Edit), VIP (Radio Edit) [R BAD9017], VIP (Masters At Work Instrumental Mix) [R BAD9017]

cd5 BAD9017CD (1999): VIP (Radio Edit) [BAD9017], VIP (Masters At Work Vocal Mix) [R BAD9017], VIP (Francois K Vocal Edit) [R BAD9017]

cd5 BADD9017CD (1999): \cddb [CAD9002CD], 1c04a403 150 16732 58847 1190, VIP (Radio Edit) [BAD9017], VIP (Heller and Farley Fire Island Dub) [R BAD9017], VIP (Ron Trent Remix) [R BAD9017]

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