5005 Red House Painters - Ocean Beach

cas cd CADC5005, CAD5005CD (Mar 28 1995): Cabezon, Summer Dress, San Geronimo, Shadows, Over My Head, Red Carpet, Brockwell Park, Moments, Drop, Brockwell Part pt. 2

blank DADD5005 (1995): CAD5005CD, Long Distance Runaround [K9]

The track after «Drop» is not listed on the packaging and is an instrumental. Written by Mark Kozelek. Produced by Mark Kozelek. Featuring Dan Barbee and Carrie Bradley. Engineered by Gibbs Chapman, Matt Kelly, Andy Taub and Mark Needham. Recorded at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco and David Wellhousen's Studio, San Francisco. Sleeve by Paul McMenamin and Melodie McDaniel. Also released as a promo in the US (2-45859-A). «Long Distance Runaround» written by Yes.

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