702 The Wolfgang Press - Big Sex

12ep cassingle BAD702, BADC702 (1987): The Wedding, The Great Leveller, That Heat, God's Number

Featuring Ruby James, Peter Ulrich and Richard Avison. Coproduced by John Fryer. Sleeve by 23 Envelope, The Wolfgang Press and August Johann Von Rosenhof. The run-out grooves read «Acne eats spiders.».

810 The Wolfgang Press - Bird Wood Cage

lp cas CAD810, CADC810 (1988): King Of Soul, Raintime, Bottom Drawer, Kansas, Swing Like A Baby, See My Wife, The Holey Man, Hang On Me (For Papa), Shut That Door

cd CAD810CD (1988): CADC810, BADC702

Featuring Ruby James, Lorna Wright, Gini Ball, Sonia Slaney, Chris Pitsillides, Audrey Riley, Peter Ulrich, Steven Young (Colourbox) and Simon Rodgers. Coproduced by Flood. Engineered by Lincoln Fong, Hugo Nicholson, Michael Butterworth and Nigel K. Hine. Sleeve by Christopher Bigg and The Wolfgang Press. Released in the US by Rough Trade (Rough US 56).

NONBP3 The Birthday Party - The Birthday Party LP

lp NONBP3 (1980): AD12, AD114, The Hair Shirt [NONBP2], The Red Clock [NONBP2], Hats On Wrong [CAD307CD], Guilt Parade [CAD307CD], Riddle House [CAD307CD]

This LP was issued by Missing Link as a US release.

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