Cover scan: Lush.Ladykillers.postcard.jpg Cover scan: Lush.Ladykillers.BADD6002CD.jpg Cover scan: Lush.Ladykillers.BAD6002CD.jpg

6002 Lush - Ladykillers

cd5 12ep BAD6002CD, BAD6002 (1996): Ladykillers [CAD6004], Matador, Ex, Dear Me (Miki's 8-track home demo)

cd5 12ep BADD6002CD, BADD6002 (1996): Ladykillers [CAD6004], Heavenly, Carmen, Plums and Oranges

7 AD6002 (1996): Ladykillers [CAD6004], I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend

blank 6002 (postcard) (1996)

AD6002 was released on green vinyl. Coproduced by Pete Bartlett. Engineered by Giles Hall, Liam Molloy and Neil Simons. Recorded at Protocol Studios, London. Mixed by Sean Slade, Paul Q. Kolderie, Pete Bartlett and Giles Hall. Sleeve by v23 and Ichiro Kono. «Heavenly» arranged by Pete Bartlett. «Plums and Oranges» mixed by Neil Simons.

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