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5006 Kendra Smith - Five Ways of Disappearing

lp cas cd CAD5006, CADC5006, CAD5006CD (May 8 1995): Aurelia, Bohemian Zebulon, Temporarily Lucy, In Your Head, Space Unadorned, Maggots, Drunken Boat, interlude, Dirigible, Valley of the Morning Sun, Judge Not, Get There, interlude [CAD5006], Saturn, Bold Marauder

Produced by Kendra Smith (Opal) and A. Phillip Uberman. Recorded at Dreamland, Loleta, CA. Engineered by Steve Dellay. Featuring Tim Gray, J. H. Brown, Axis, M. Ali Gassemi, Kent Stephenson, Lazlo Toth, Justin Hobart Brown, John McManus and Steve Dellay. Sleeve by Vaughan Oliver, Paul McMenamin, Melodie McDaniel and A. Phillip Uberman. «Temporarily Lucy» recorded at Paddle Ranch, Solomon Creek, CA. «Temporarily Lucy» engineered by Kent Stephenson. «Space Unadorned» recorded at Paddle Ranch, Solomon Creek, CA. «Space Unadorned» engineered by Kent Stephenson. «Bold Marauder» written by R. Marina and M. Farina.

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