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4016 The Wolfgang Press - Funky Little Demons

lp cas cd cd CAD4016, CADC4016, CAD4016CD, CADP4016CD (Jan 23 1995): Going South, 11 Years, Blood Satisfaction, Chains, Christianity, Derek The Confessor, So Long Dead, Executioner, She's So Soft, New Glass, Fallen Not Broken, People Say

cd CADD4016CD (1995): CADP4016CD, TWP 6 CD (cdsingle)

blank 4016 (flyer) (1995)

CAD P 4016 CD is a promo release in a clear plastic sleeve. CAD D 4016 CD is a limited edition release. Produced by Drostan Madden. Recorded at T. W. P. Studio, Roundhouse and Blackwing. Sleeve by Chris Bigg, T. W. P, Stephen Gray and Mark Harwood. Featuring Dave Curtis, Robin Brown, Drostan Madden, Apollo 440, Noko, Claudia Fontaine, Segs, Craig Vear, Stephen Blake, Gary Asquith (Renegade Soundwave), Rew, Sandra Moussempès, Gloria Robakowski, Vicky St. James, Jay Posner, George Holt and Billy Surgeoner. Engineered by Drostan Madden, Andy Kowalski, Allan Jenkins, Guy Fixsen, Simon Van Zwananberg and Claire Tonkinson. Released in the US (9 45738-2).

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