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211 Cocteau Twins - Garlands

lp CAD211 (1982): Blood Bitch, Wax And Wane, But I'm Not, Blind Dumb Deaf, Shallow Then Hallo, The Hollow Men, Garlands, Grail Overfloweth

cas cd CADC211, CAD211CD (1982): CAD211, Speak No Evil, Perhaps Some Other Aeon, Dear Heart, Hearsay Please, Hazel, Blind Dumb Deaf [R CAD211]

Cocteau Twins are Robin Guthrie, Will Heggie and Elizabeth Fraser. Sleeve by 23 Envelope. CAD211 was produced by Ivo. The last four tracks on CAD211CD were recorded by BBC1 as a Peel Session and features Gordon Sharp. «Speak No Evil» and «Perhaps Some Other Aeon» were unreleased tracks from the Garlands recording session.

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