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2.4 Subscription Commands

The following commands allow for managing your subscriptions in the Group buffer. If you want to subscribe to many groups, it’s probably more convenient to go to the Server Buffer, and choose the server there using RET or SPC. Then you’ll have the commands listed in Browse Foreign Server at hand.

S t

Toggle subscription to the current group (gnus-group-unsubscribe-current-group).

S s

Prompt for a group to subscribe, and then subscribe it. If it was subscribed already, unsubscribe it instead (gnus-group-unsubscribe-group).

S k

Kill the current group (gnus-group-kill-group).

S y

Yank the last killed group (gnus-group-yank-group).

C-x C-t

Transpose two groups (gnus-group-transpose-groups). This isn’t really a subscription command, but you can use it instead of a kill-and-yank sequence sometimes.

S w

Kill all groups in the region (gnus-group-kill-region).

S z

Kill all zombie groups (gnus-group-kill-all-zombies).

S C-k

Kill all groups on a certain level (gnus-group-kill-level). These groups can’t be yanked back after killing, so this command should be used with some caution. The only time where this command comes in really handy is when you have a ‘.newsrc’ with lots of unsubscribed groups that you want to get rid off. S C-k on level 7 will kill off all unsubscribed groups that do not have message numbers in the ‘.newsrc’ file.

Also see section Group Levels.

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