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1.10 Startup Variables

A hook run while Gnus is being loaded. Note that this hook will normally be run just once in each Emacs session, no matter how many times you start Gnus.

A hook called as the first thing when Gnus is started.

A hook run as the very last thing after starting up Gnus

A hook that is run as the very last thing after starting up Gnus successfully.

A hook that is run after reading the `.newsrc' file(s), but before generating the group buffer.

If non-nil, Gnus will check for and delete all bogus groups at startup. A bogus group is a group that you have in your `.newsrc' file, but doesn't exist on the news server. Checking for bogus groups can take quite a while, so to save time and resources it's best to leave this option off, and do the checking for bogus groups once in a while from the group buffer instead (see section 2.13 Group Maintenance).

If non-nil, the startup message won't be displayed. That way, your boss might not notice as easily that you are reading news instead of doing your job. Note that this variable is used before `~/.gnus.el' is loaded, so it should be set in `.emacs' instead.

Message displayed by Gnus when no groups are available.

If non-nil, play the Gnus jingle at startup.

Jingle to be played if the above variable is non-nil. The default is `'.

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