The MIME Comparison Derby

Few implementators seem to actually have read how the different MIME parts are to be presented, and produce MIME documents that are not particularly pleasing to the eye. To contrast and compare how common MIME documents are presented, I asked people to run a multipart/mixed and a multipart/alternative document through whatever MIME capable news or mail reader the had available.

  1. Outlook Express under Windows '98
  2. Netscape, Eudora and PC-Pine under Windows
  3. Lotus Notes under Windows

Please do run this multipart/mixed and this multipart/alternative document through the purportedly MIME-capable mail/news reader you use and mail me the results.

This round of the Derby concentrates on the multi media parts of MIME. One could take a round looking at how various mail readers deals with internationalized documents, but as Lotus Notes with a Chinese document shows, for instance, there's not much point, since virtually no mail reader even bothers to try to support this part of MIME.

People who write MIME agents might appreciate this archive of MIME messages for testing purposes.

2000-01-05 16:37:02