Emacs Packages

Various packages for Emacs written by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen.


movie.el is a small package for browsing directories of stuff that mplayer can play -- MPEG and AVI files, and so on. It's quite basic -- you arrow around in the buffers and hit RET on the ones you want to play.

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cddb.el is a package for querying FreeDB servers from Emacs. Pop a CD into your computer, `M-x cddb-read-cd', and be presented with a buffer where you can edit and submit changes to the track listing.

This is probably most useful if you have an Emacs-based cd player.

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This package enables Emacs to view, play and split raw PCM sound files. The latter is the real reason it exists -- it offers a simple, but user-friendly (if Emacs is your friend) way to split large samples into tracks.

A screenshot of Wave in action

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This distribution contains three things: vbidecode, vtx2ascii and vtx.el. I've written the latter; the two other things come from other distributions.

vtx.el is an Emacs interface to teletext pages. It starts vbidecode in the background, and uses vtx2ascii to do the translation from vtx format to human-readable format.

You need to have xawtv properly installed for this to work, and you also need Emacs 20.3 or XEmacs 21 or better. And this probably only works under Linux.

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expect provides functions for controlling external processes from within Emacs.

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An Archie interface from within Emacs.

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A small package for benchmarking Emacs Lisp functions.

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A small package for looking up words in a local Webster dictionary.

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No, I don't know where you can find a free local Webster dictionary, but perhaps someone you know has one lying around.

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