Unknown Tape

1987Depeche Mix
1987Perfect World
19944AD 3-94
19944AD Dub for Lars
19944AD Rarities etc
1994BAD215, BAD116, BAD11
1994BASF C90
1994BASF CE II C90
1994Belly, Red House Painters
1994Big Hat
1994Black Dog II
1994Black Dog Productions
1994Breeders-Pumpkins Live
1994Cocteau Twins Cleveland 1994
1994Cocteau Twins Vera London
1994Cranes, Rage Against the Machine
1994Dead Can Dance live at the Loft Club
1994Denon HD6 Great for CD
1994Denon High Type II HD8 C90
1994Denon XL II 90 4AD
1994Eyesore Radio
1994HBS II
1994Happy Rhodes, Loreena McKennitt
1994Hersh Live
1994Kitchens + Björk
1994Maxell C100
1994Maxell UD C-90
1994Maxell UDI: "9"
1994Maxell XL II-S C90
1994Mueslix Master
1994Muses Demos + Mandelbrot Set + Lush (2)
1994Muses, Chain, Inrain
1994Music for Lars from Ardvark
1994National Panasonic C90 (nr. 2)
1994PJ Harvey + The Breeders
1994Project Hyperion
1994Ralske, Breeders, Tammy, Twins, Coil, Breathless
1994Rare 4AD Tape 1
1994Rare 4AD Tape 2
1994TDK D-C60 (39)
1994Tel Basta, Seefel
1994That's AS C60
1994The Breeders, Unrest
1994The Use of Ashes Volume 2
1994Throwing Muses live at Anaconda & Club With No Name
1994Throwing Muses, Breeders
1994Tunnels Cross In Random Fashion Volume 1
1994US Indie Sampler 1
1994US Indie Sampler vol 2
1994Ultra Vivid Scene + other cool stuff
1994White Belly
1994Wolfgang Press, Belly
1994fLush (Live & Rare)