1978Live At The Palms (1978)
1978Live at the Palms (1978)
1979Live at Deaf Club (1979)
1979Max's Kansas City (1979) EP
1980Half-Mute (1)
1980Half-Mute-Scream With A View
1980Live in San Francisco (1979)
1981Live in London (1982)
1981Melkweg (Amsterdam 1981 EP)
1983Live in Angoulême, 1983
1985Holy Wars
1985Live in Oslo (1985)
1986Ship Of Fools
1986Suite En Sous-Sol-Time To Lose-Short Stories
1987Half-Mute Live
1987Pinheads on the Move
1988Live in Hamburg (1988)
1989Live in Eindhoven (1980)
1989Live in Umbria (1989)
1989Ten Years In One Night (Live)
1991The Ghost Sonata
1997Joeboy in Mexico
1997Solve et Coagula
2000No Tears-What Use Remixes & Originals
2002Concert In St. Petersburg (1)
2002Concert In St. Petersburg (2)
2002Soundtracks-Urban Leisure
2004Cabin In The Sky
2005Live in San Francisco (2005)
2006Bardo Hotel Soundtrack
200739°N 7°W
2007Vapour Trails
2011Live in Alberobello, Italy
2013At Twilight
2014Live in Rome (2014)
2014Pink Narcissus
2016Half-Mute (2)
2018The Valencia Street Rehearsals (San Francisco circa 1978)
2019Live in Los Angeles (2005)
2023Live at The Pit (1978)