Steve Reich

1968Live - Electric Music
1978Music for 18 Musicians
1980Octet - Music For A Large Ensemble - Violin Phase
1987Works (2): Drumming
1990Works (3): Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ - Clapping Music - Six Marimbas
1997Music For 18 Musicians
1997Works (1): Come Out - Piano Phase - It's Gonna Rain - Four Organs
1997Works (6): The Desert Music
1997Works (7): New York Counterpoint - Sextet - The Four Sections
1997Works (8): Different Trains - Electric Counterpoint - Three Movements
1997Works (9): Excerpts from The Cave
2000Four Organs, Phase Patterns
2001Triple Quartet
2005You Are (Variations)
2006Works (10): Proverb - Nagoya Marimbas - City Life
2006Works (4): Music for 18 Musicians
2006Works (5): Eight Lines - Tehillim
2007Reich: Daniel Variations
2010Double Sextet
2011WTC 9-11, Mallet Quartet, Dance Patterns
2014Ensemble Avantgarde: Four Organs, Phase Patterns, Pendulum Music
2016Information, Transmission, Modulation and Noise
2018Pulse; Quartet