Stephan Mathieu

1997Wurmloch Variationen
2000invalidObject Series (in)
2001[...] Version
2001[Full Swing Edits]
2002Die Entdeckung Des Wetters
2003On Tape
2004The Sad Mac
2005Kapotte Musiek
2009The Key to the Kingdom
2011A Static Place
2011To Describe George Washington Brigde
2013The Falling Rocket
2013Un Coeur Simple
2018Radiance (1): Alap for Steel Needle, Record and Theorbe
2018Radiance (10): Her Dark Gaze Drowned in Light
2018Radiance (11): Music with Magnetic Strings
2018Radiance (12): Pacific
2018Radiance (2): Music for the Answer
2018Radiance (3): Black Square for Robert Fludd
2018Radiance (4): A Rainbow of Moonlight
2018Radiance (5): For Franz Wright
2018Radiance (6): Kepler
2018Radiance (7): Process
2018Radiance (8): To Have Elements Exist in Space
2018Radiance (9): Feldman