Jan Jelinek - Zwischen (vinyl)

  1. Alice Schwarzer, is it true that you're a person of great tenacity? (02:29)
  2. John Cage, I've been told to ask you the following question: Where are you going? (02:54)
  3. Hubert Fichte, your journey through life has been full of twists and turns. Please tell us when and where this journey began! (02:19)
  4. Slavoj Zizek, what signs were there of the imminent dissolution of Yugoslavia? (01:21)
  5. Joseph Beuys, it was you who said: Democracy is so big one can only sing about it. You recently made your debut as a singer. Which democracy are you singing about? (02:31)
  6. Lady Gaga, you once said in an interview that you write music for the fashion industry. Is fashion as important to you as music? (03:10)
  7. Erast Jandl, what are your plans for language: revolution, reform, revolt? (02:18)
  8. Karlheinz Stockhousen, which difficulties are involved in conserving electronic music on magnetic tape? (02:07)
  9. Marcel Duchamp, would you like or expect people to the wheel on your kinetic object Rueu de Bicyclette? (02:25)
  10. Friedericke Mayröcker, when you write, do you feel like the creator of the work or more like a medium? (03:13)
  11. Yoko Ono, you were born into a rich, aristocratic family in Tokyo. Do you see that in yourself? (02:16)
  12. Max Ernst, this is the first time in 25 year that you've returned to your home town, to the cathedral in Cologne, right? (01:52)

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