His Name Is Alive

1991Home is in Your Head
1992The Dirt Eaters
1993King of Sweet
1993Live 1993 Mexico
1993Mouth By Mouth
1996Stars on ESP
1996Universal Frequencies
1997Country Girl
1997Finer Twilights
1997Nice Day
1998Can't Always Be Loved
1998Ft. Lake
1999Always Stay Sweet
2000Early Music Vol. 1
2000Live in Mexico
2000Ten Years Long Time
2000When The Stars Refuse To Shine
2001Happy Blues
2001Nothing Special
2001Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth
2001Write My Name In The Groove
2002Last Night
2002Last Night (Sampler)
2005Raindrops Rainbow
2010The Eclipse
2010The Eclipse (1): The Eclipse
2010The Eclipse (10): Silver Sunrise
2010The Eclipse (2): Silver Family
2010The Eclipse (3): After Devils Night
2010The Eclipse (4): Silver Dragon
2010The Eclipse (5): Come To The Front
2010The Eclipse (6): Silver Piano (Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit)
2010The Eclipse (7): Cliff Bells Vanilla
2010The Eclipse (8): Silver Piano (UFO)
2010The Eclipse (9): Fire Minx Zero Zero
2018Black Wings
2019All the Mirrors in the House
2020Return to Never