Chris Watson - Outside the Circle of Fire

  1. Adult cheetah resting by beobab tree (01:51)
  2. Southern right whale surfacing in the South Atlantic (00:13)
  3. Male capercallie display, Caledonian pine forest (05:55)
  4. Red rumped tinkerbird, Rain forest, Cameroon (00:14)
  5. Hippopotami emerging from River Mara at dusk (05:48)
  6. Massed knot roost on shingle bank, Snettisham, Norfolk (03:49)
  7. Starling song by nest site in ruined bothy, Island of Coll, Western Isles, Scotland (01:14)
  8. Spider monkeys moving through tree canopy, Santa Rosa Nat. Park, Costa Rica (04:53)
  9. Lemon rumped tinkerbird, Rain forest, Cameroon (00:52)
  10. Corncrake songs from territorial males, Island of Coll, Western Isles, Scotland (02:30)
  11. Lioness threatens male, Itong Plains, Kenya (00:08)
  12. Vultures, nine birds feeding on zebra carcass, Itong Plains, Kenya (03:22)
  13. Red deer stag roar by forest edge, Glen Affric, Scotland (00:26)
  14. Unidentified pair of birds singing hidden in tree canopy, Nancite, Costa Rica (01:34)
  15. Mozambique nightjar singing in sandy scrub on banks of Zambezi, Zimbabwe (02:57)
  16. Insect hidden in the leaf litter, Rain forest, Cameroon (00:49)
  17. Kittiwakes, colony around cliff nest sites, Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland (03:24)
  18. Woodpigeon wing past mics, Coille Na Ulaidh, Glen Affric, Scotland (00:19)
  19. Elephants, family group asleep in rough grassland, Maasai Mara, Kenya (04:52)
  20. Deathwatch beetles, advertising display in oak beam, Edingthorpe, Norfolk (01:40)
  21. Tawny owls, calls on territorial boundaries, Bolam Lake, Northumberland (03:00)
  22. Spotted hyena contact whoops, Billashaka Luger, Maasai Mara, Kenya (00:31)

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