After the Mountain Fire - Squarelled Something

  1. A Cat is Just a Cat
  2. Rusting Wood
  3. Your Shoes are White, Mine are Brown, We've Chosen Different Paths
  4. You Let Me Down
  5. The Whale's Distress Song to His Wooden Lover, She Will Never Answer
  6. When You Grow Old
  7. The Rusty Iron Rain Blues
  8. I Want to Feel Inside Your Face
  9. An Ode to the Alien Creatures of Peducah Kentucky
  10. Cast Iron Water Mitten
  11. A Star Burns For You Tonight Billy Pilgrim
  12. The Rain Has Come, and I Have Washed Clean of the Monster in my Blood
  13. The Last Tree That Would Ever Sprout in New York City

Bought: 24 Jul 2022 01:00:02