Way, way back in the olden days, several tape chains of rare and unavaliable 4AD material circulated amongst the members of the 4ad-l mailing list. This web page documents the contents of those tapes, one track a week.

No repository of these rare tracks will be made available from this site. The tracks will be available from this page for one week only. Each Friday night at 22:00 CET, a new track will become available.

The sound quality of these mp3 files varies wildly. Some of these tracks come from fourth-generation tapes, some come straight from cd, and most fall somewhere in-between.

In our weekly series of rare tracks, we have now reached:

Rare: --

This version of this track is, to the best of my knowledge, not available from anywhere, but you can buy other releases by from 4AD or CDNow.

4AD CD Now

Rare can be found at the following locations:

  1. Norway, which is the canonical location.
  2. United Kingdom, courtesy of Symon.
  3. United States of America

The fine print: