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Here's a quote from KD about how she got involved with Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach:


Kelley Deal admits that when she first contacted Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach about collaborating with him, he wasn't exactly a fan of her work. "Oh no, he didn't even know who I was," she says. "But he had heard the [Breeders'] 'Cannonball' song, I think, which he liked. At first, I don't think that he even understood anything. I don't think that he... cared. But we just hit it off." The reason she contacted him originally, she says, is because she saw his picture in a magazine and felt an affinity for him. "It was about 'Hair Bands: Where Are They Now?'" she says. "Some treatment people I was hanging out with are way into metal. And I'm not a metal fan -- not like that. I'm not into the makeup, Poison, Great White, any of that stuff. I don't even like Skid Row. But I am a fan of Sebastian Bach's. He's a great singer, like an opera guy. And also what really got me was in that [magazine], there was a picture of Sebastian, and he was sitting like... he was on the bed in his bedroom, and he was just like this: [she slouches sadly]. And it just... I felt an affinity toward him. He's so uncool -- right now, this 15 seconds here -- he's in his bedroom, where I spend most of my time, recently. And I just really felt an affinity toward him.

So I called some dude in the biz and I said, 'I want to do a duet with Sebastian Bach.' 'Yeah right.' That's exactly what he did. I said, 'No, I'm serious.' So managers and faxes... And he called me and we've just been talking ever since."... Meanwhile, one of Deal's other bandmates in the Last Hard Men, ex-Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, has been preoccupied with other, uh, hobbies. "He's really busy now," says Deal. "He's doing race car stuff. And I guess he's really good at it. It's a big deal. He's already been on ESPN and shit."...

I found it on the newsgroup, It was posted by a mailing list called :

		allstar daily music news
		July 9,1997
		Edited by Carrie Borzillo

if you're interested.


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