Live 81-82

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"Live 81-82"

The Birthday Party were among the most admired, original and influential bands of the post-punk era. Famous for their brilliant, brutal and confrontational live shows, 4AD presents a classic live collection recorded in 1982 at the peak of the bandís career.

This album, compiled by founding member Mick Harvey, focuses on three 1982 shows. The tapes, from Mickís personal collection, were recorded in England, Germany and Greece. A contribution was also made by Henry Rollins, an avid fan and archivist of The Birthday Party as well as manager of 2.13.61 Records, licensee in the US and Canada for some of the band's catalog.

Formed in Australia in the late 1970ís, The Birthday Party lasted four explosive years. Their influence on the music world far outstripped their album sales. The band meshed the vocal snarling of Nick Cave with crazy blues guitar and an out-of-control rhythm section. In addition to introducing the world to Nick cave (now solo as well as previously with The Bad Seeds), the band also included Mick Harvey (also a Bad Seed) and Roland S. Howard (Crime & The City Solution).

Tracklisting: Junkyard; Dead Song; Dim Locator; Zoo Music Girl; Nick The Stripper; Blast Off; Release The Bats; Bully Bones; King Ink; Pleasure Heads; Big Jesus Trashcan; Dead Joe; The Friend Catcher; 6" Gold Blade; Hamlet; Sheís Hit; Funhouse.

"Live 81-82"
UK: Compact disc - CAD9005CD July 5th
US: Compact disc - CAD9005CD August 10th
Canada: Compact disc - CAD9005CD July 20th

Also available now: "Hits" Compilation album UK/US/Canada: Compact disc - GAD2016CD


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