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Written by Paul Gregory on Fri, 3 Feb 1995 16:47:11 GMT.

Ok, here's some Belly stuff from Select magazine. Not sure about the legality of this, but anyway, enjoy.

That VOX interview is about 6 times as long, so I doubt I'll type in all of it. My eyes are going mad anyway - they've dimmed the lights here so's some bloke can project a wfw screen onto the wall - actually, it looks really cool when it switches to screensaver mode. Unfortunately, he keeps blithering on about indentations, spell-checking and blindingly obvious things about Word for Windows 6. I'm going mad and blind.

Oh, btw, apparantly the UK limited edition version of belly 'king' will be in an A5 booklet - darn, and I'd just neatly organised my shelving unit so they'd accommodate two shelves of CDs, and then big books...


articles from the march 1995 issue of Select, "the fit parade" feature.

select is a british monthly music mag published by emap metro ltd; 1.85. buy it if you can.

Tanya Donelly

Belly's wholesome centrepiece on the idea of being a sex symbol

People either think I'm sexy or cute, and they're both bad in different ways. When people think I'm sexy I tend to be afraid of them, and when people think I'm cute I tend to be angry with them... maybe being viewed as 'interesting' is better! It is flattering to be included in the 50 Most Fanciable People list, because the 16-year old in me still feels like a piece of shit.

There's this wiered adolescent validation but the older I get the less important that attention becomes, the more I try to avoid myself as a sexual being. It seems to trivialise something important... but at the same time it's funny, I mean sex is hysterically funny.

I feel very sexy when we play because I put my body and heart into it and that's a very sexy feeling. It's not necessarily because people are watching me, though there is an element of exhibitionism that's undeniable, it's more feeling cool that feels sexy.

I saw a video of Elastica a few days ago and I think Justine's very sexy, she said something about finding the idea of young boys masturbating over her appealing. I think youthful masturbation is a really healthy thing, so I don't mind boys doing that, it's serving a kinda purpose, but I don't think I'm in any way a hot enough item without the music. I don't think just having my picture in a magazine would mean anything.

No fan has ever hit on me ever, that would be absurd, and I've never hit on a fan... no way. It's not the kind of situation where you'd develop any kind of personal rapport, I can't imagine anything stranger than sleeping with a groupie. I don't think I'd necessarily be upset if I wasn't considered a sex symbol, it's not something I think about often, so I don't have many philosophies abo ut it, but in the past year I've become more aware of not showing so much skin because I was so sick of dealing with the body crap.

The celebration of my sexuality happens at home now, not onstage. I used to feel like I needed that kind of attention more than I do now, but I went through all that, I got that kind of attention, now I can move on. It's difficult to maintain a balance though, the worst thing I've been asked to do was pose for photos in a bikini, which I didn't do, but at the same time I think rock 'n' roll should be glamorous and beautiful and sexy. As a person though, I have to figure out what that means without being personally exposed.


Gail Greenwood

Belly's hirstute, head-banging bass babe

Do you consider yourself fanciable?

No. I've been described as 'having a face that makes Keith Richards look like a newborn' not to mention the hairy ass.

List five people of whom you'd wish to have carnal knowledge

Billy Mungo whom I havn't seen since first grade, because he was playing back then. Sid Abruzzi of Middletow - 'cos he talked me out of rollerblading and into snowboarding; plus he's nicknamed 'The Package'. Camilla - us single gals gotta stick together. Neil Diamond - is that his name, or what he does? My friend's pastor - bacause he's not my pastor.

Who would you not touch with a bargepole?

My pastor - he gives a very dry reading of the Scriptures.

If a Select reader wanted to have their way with you how would they succeed?

By offering to teach me to read, or giving me a circus peanut or any of the gummy sweets from Woolies.

Which adjectives best describe your performance, and how do you 'rate'?

[Words selected from list a la Star Test] Emotional, romantic, transcendental, American... If it weren't for all the hair I suppose I'd be an eight.

What's your chat up line?

Hi, could you teach me to read? Also would you like a circus peanut?


paul g (be afraid.. be very afraid (and angry)... i'm off to woolies to get some pik'n'mix)

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